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Programs evaluations are extremely useful and helpful when they are done properly. They facilitate management’s really thinking about what their program is all about. Evaluations produce data thatcan be used for promoting services in the community and also produce valid comparisons between programs to decide which one should be retained (Management Help).
Before an organization embarks onevaluating a program it should have well established means to conduct itself as an organization. The organization should be staffed and organized to conduct activities to work toward the mission of theorganization and there should be no current issues that is clearly more important to address than evaluating programs (Management Help). In order to conduct a program evaluation it’s important for theorganization to have a clear and a strong idea of what the organization’s customers need. In some cases, a need assessment it’s necessary to determine this. When performing an evaluation managers haveto prioritize to save time and money. Programs evaluations depend on what type of information the organization wants to collect in order to make important decisions.
When conducting an evaluationthe manager should focus on what the organization is trying to evaluate. According to Management Help, the more efficient an organization can be in the evaluation, the shorter the time it will take andultimately it will cost less. During the process of an evaluation, managers should take in consideration the following questions: For what purposes is the evaluation being done? Who are the audiencesfor the information from the evaluation? What type of information the organization needs in order to make some decisions? From what sources should be the information is collected? What are theresources?
Managers can use as guidance the three types of evaluations that are commonly used by organizations. These types of evaluations are: goal-based evaluation (established to meet specific...
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