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1) Who dies of moral worth?
a) Benvolio
b) Lady Capulet
c) Lady Montague

2) Who’s angelica?
a) Romeo’s mother
b) Juliet nurse
c) Lady Capulet friend

3) Why Romeo mustleave Verona?
a) Because he doesn’t like the city
b) Because he is sick of Juliet
c) Because he killed Tybalt

4) Who was the kingsman?
a) Paris, Mercutio
b) Capulet, Friar Laurence
c)Benvolio, Tybalt

5) When the nurse was depressed by the death of Juliet what did she asked for?
a) Alcohol
b) Coffee
c) Juice

6) Who married Romeo and Juliet?
a) The nurse
b) A bishop
c) FriarLaurence

7) Why did Romeo go to the party where he meet Juliet
a) He wanted to beat up Tybalt
b) Because he want to see Rosaline
c) He knew Juliet was there

8) What was Romeo wearing at theparty?
a) Masks
b) Underwear
c) Women’s cloths

9) What was the difference between Rosaline and Romeo and Juliet and Romeo?
a) Rosaline loves Romeo and he is sick of her
b) Juliet loves Rosalinec) Juliet loves Romeo back

10) Why does Paris go to the Capulet’s tomb?
a) To desecrate the bodies
b) To cry over Juliet
c) To make fun of Juliet’s weight


Capulet Juliet
Bassanio Cleopatra
Claudio Juliet
Antony OphellaFerdinand Lady Capulet
Pertruchio Katharine
Hamlet Portia
Othello’s Desdemono


_ there are 6 plays named Henry.
_ Romeo is the only person who dies in Romeo and Juliet.
_ When Juliet is a baby, the nurse starves her own baby so she can eat.
_ Romeo and Juliet livedhappily ever after.
_ Juliet kills herself with poison.


. William Shakespeare was death in 1616
.Shakespeare was born in this town Stratford on -Avon
.When he was 18 he...
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