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“Evangelista Torricelli biography”


Evangelista Torricelli was an Italian physicist and mathematician, best known for his invention of thebarometer.
Evangelista Torricelli was born in Faenza, part of the Papal States. He was left fatherless at an early age and educated under the care of his uncle. Torricelli entered a Jesuit Collegein 1624 to study mathematics and philosophy until 1626, when he sent Torricelli to Rome in 1627 to study science.
It is not entirely clear at which College he studied, with most historiansbelieving that he attended the Jesuit College in Faenza, while some believe that he entered the College Romano in Rome. What is undoubtedly the case is that after study at the Jesuit College he was then inRome.
There does still exist a letter which Torricelli wrote to Galileo on 11 September 1632 and it gives us some very useful information about Torricelli's scientific progress. Galileo had writtento Castelli but, since Castelli was away from Rome at the time, his secretary Torricelli wrote to Galileo to explain this fact. Torricelli was an ambitious young man and he greatly admired Galileo,so he took the opportunity to inform Galileo of his own mathematical work.
Evangelista Torricelli was a very poor man that did many help to the world by discovering the barometer. Atearly age his father died so he had to go and study with his uncle and imagine suffering from the death of a loved parent and go to live with an uncle. Maybe you didn’t know that uncle it is a veryhard moment.
If Evangelista Torricelli didn’t discover the barometer and all the laws with it we couldn’t have this life as we have it right now. Many people think that what he did wasn’t useful buthe did so many things.
His life made me investigate other biographies of other people so I can learn more about the important people that helped us in very useful things.

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