Eveline joyce

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Eveline: Between two worlds
Joyce’s short story Eveline, is mainly an internal fight. The main character, Eveline, a young Irish woman, takes an internal conflict about her fate, her happinness. She have to fight against herself, against her heart and mind to decide what’s the correct. Eveline herself is the main subject in the story. Eveline was going to emigrate with her beloved,Frank. However, she remember a promise done to her mother in the past, and she stayed in Dublin.
The narrator of Eveline is a third person narrator:
“She sat at the window watching the evening invade the avenue”
The narrator presented in this short is story is also an ominiscient narrator
“Perhaps she would never see again those familiar objects from she had never dreamed of being divided”Chosing this narrator makes easier to the reader to put in Eveline’s shoes. Knowing her thoughts, wishes and dreams which increases the reader’s empathy.
The style that Joyce uses is complex and simple at the same time. When he writes as a narrator, the teller of the story; he uses resources as coodination “Her head leaned against the window curtains and her nostrils was the odour of dusty cretonne” orsubordination “Perhaps she would never see again those familiar objects from which she had never dreamed of being divided”. Even though the complex style as a teller, when he reproduces the character’s quotations he uses a simple style:
“Miss Hill, don’t you see these ladies are waiting?”
“Dammed Italians! Coming over here”
The use of this source to the character’s speech humanize them andrepresents their condicion of ‘working’ class people; which makes easier to associate them with somebody that the reader can know and as the chosing of narrators, makes easy to be in character’s shoes and to know how they feel.
Eveline is a complex character who has internal conflicts but also exteral with people aroud her. She is an Irish nineteen girl who deserves to leave Dublin and start anew life leaving her worries behind. However, the reminds in her head are very strong and they have a great power over her. She miss her mother and her brother Ernest who has both already passed away. The realationship with her father is very complicated. She loves him but he is a little bit rude with her and she is afraid of been hit by him (even he has never done it). Nevertheless, despite therude, once to once he is like he used to in the past. He is an elder man and need her daughter to look after him.
Eveline’s boyfriend, Frank is very kind, manly, open hearted-man who is in love with her. He represents the happiness, a different future and the chance to be happy at all.
Eveline is between two worlds, she does not know what to do, what to the decide about her future. She could dowhat she was always been looking forward, satisfy her wishes and forgot about the rest of things in her life. Human nature can drive her mad because it makes her think about freedoms and worries. But, in human nature the presence of guilt plays an important role. She cannot forget what she is leaving behind. Everyone wish something, but our conscience reminds us what are we missing and leavingbehind. Making a decision is always complicated, we cannot know if the desition we have taken is the correct but at least it’s what we have chosen; even we can regret after taken it. We always choose something what we consider better for us and who is aroud us.
Emigrating with Frank to Argentina would be great. She could get a job, get married, have children and in all a happy ending. On the otherhand, she is leaving her father and bother. Even her brother is not living with her anymore, he needs her, their old father must be looked after. She had spent her whole life in that house, with her father. He has seen how she had grown up and he had raised her. The stayed together in the difficult moments like her mother’s death and even he had become ruder; he’s still the man who had gave him...
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