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The main objective in this evidence is to demonstrate what I’ve learnt in our English course at TECMilenio University.

* Assist at class the days we have.
* Try tounderstand all the topics of the book (unit 1 – 3)
* Complete the book’s activity with topics we saw at classroom.

Unit | Lessons A, B, C & D |
Unit 1Interesting lives. | Ingrammar, we viewed topics like: simple (for completed actions or permanent situations) and continuous verbs (for ongoing actions or temporary situations); verb complements: verb + -ing or to + verb.Instrategy plus, we defined when we should use “this (for singular) and these (for plural)” to highlight important people, things and events.In writing and speaking, we wrote a note with the help notein our books. |
Unit 2Personal tastes. | In grammar, we talk about comparisons with (not) as … as to use it in adjectives, nouns and adverbs; negative questions used when you want or expect someoneto agree with you, you can use negative questions to: express an opinion, suggest an idea or show surprise.In building vocabulary, we used words like: colors, patterns, materials and styles aboutclothes. In strategy plus, we understood how use “now” to introduce a follow-up question. It shows that you want to move the conversation on to a different apect of a topic.In building vocabulary, thepuntuaction is important and so we learnt to use commas in list, dashes to add more about something and exclamation mark for emphasis. |
Unit 3Worldcultures. | In grammar, we used the simple presentpassive when the “doer” of the action is not known or not important & when the doer is important we can introduce it with by.Like in the unit 1, we're going to use "verb + -ing or to + verb", butthis time to definite positions at subject, after prepositions and after it’s…In strategy plus, understood the use “of course” to responses to show you agree or understand. |

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