Evolucion del mono a hombre

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ENGLISH TEXT- grade 9th
Read this text from a biography:
English novelist Jane Austen was born in Hampshire, her father being a clergyman,and she lived for most of her life in the area. She had six brothers, and an elder sister, Cassandra, to whom she was very close. 
1. Cassandra was younger than Jane.
 a. Trueb.  False c. We don't know.
2. Today he _______, but yesterday he _________.
a.  is angry, was happy b. was happy, is sad c.  is bored,were excited
3. I can't do this math problem.
a. I suppose so. b. Let me see. c. Certainly not.
Complete las conversaciones
4. I´d like thepasta, please.
a. Certainly. b. I hope so. c. Do you like it?
5. What do you think of modern art?
a. Live seen it. b. I would like to. c. I love it.
Lea elartículo y luego responda las preguntas. Marque A, B o C en su hoja de respuestas.
Ingrid McFarlane. Zoo Keeper .
When I graduated from high school at eighteen, I got a job at a zoo as a studentkeeper. Now, five years later, things have changed – I have passed my exams and I am a fully trained animal keeper.
The money is not good. I only get $15,000 a year. You have to be outside inrain and snow, which is hard work, and you get very dirty. But this doesn't matter to me because animals are the most important thing in my life! There are a hundred monkeys and fifty deer in my partof the zoo and I give them their food and clean their houses. I also need to watch them carefully to be sure that they are all well. In fact, rhinos are my favorite animals and so last year I went toAfrica with a colleague for a month to study them. The zoo is open every day and I work five different days each week. I live in a small apartment twenty minutes away and I get up at ten to seven...
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