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  • Publicado : 5 de agosto de 2010
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Being Famous
“There is nothing greater than being famous”

Actors, singers or known people are exposed to all the dangers that fame can bring.

I disagreewith the previous mentioned statement because well-known people don’t have too much freedom within their lives. Whatever they do, wherever they go the people try to gettheir autographs, pictures or latest couple. This is one of the many other problems that being a famous person can bring. It could be nice, but sometimes it mayturn bothersome. The fans will do anything to be with the known person. Even, the magazines often don’t tell the truth about famous persons, this may be very bad andunfortunate for them.
On the other hand, fame brings money; so much that it can’t be calculated. Also, their life becomes public to all people .They are wealthy, butmoney does not bring happiness. Another topic to be considered is their social life. They can’t afford to be friends of anybody, because the paparazzi or otherimportant gossip magazine will spread out this information throught the media and it could affect their career or profession. The next problem is they are under too muchstress due to the pressure that they may suffer. They travel around the world, go to awards and much more. And as they are under stress, they may start consumingdrugs and alcohol, although they will only make the media be more interested on them.
To sum up, fame can destroy a man but also it can make him happy. There arealso some people who are famous and live a normal, calm life without any serious problems. Well, I believe it depends on the person. Not everyone is ready to be famous.
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