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  • Publicado : 14 de mayo de 2011
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Basil Hallward is a painter who knew Doran Gray in a party at Lady Drandon's, it noticed that someone was looking at him, he was Dorian Gray and Basil knew that hispersonality had absorbed his soul and his art.
Dorian Gray was a very handsome young person, with blond hair, his skin is like the ivory and he has blue eyes. Basil and Dorian were meeting every day andBasil painted Dorian Gray's portrait.

Lord Henry Wotton, a friend of Basil, spoke to Dorian Gray on the marvel of the youth, he said to him that the youth and the beauty is something that doesn’tlast the whole life and Dorian Gray remained fascinated, on the other hand, Basil taught him to want his own beauty.
Doryan Gray had made a mad wish that he might remain young and beautiful and thepainting should grow old and ugly; that the face in the picture might reflect his passions and sins and that he might keep the candour of youth.

Lord Henry said to Basil that he had to expose thepicture because it was very good but Basil didn’t want because he had put too much of himself in that picture.

Dorian Gray and Lord Henry turned into very good friends, and Basil was jealous.Dorian loved a young woman actress called Sibyl Vane who killed herself because of Dorian Gray. Dorian said to her that he don’t want to return to see her, he was cruel with her. Dorian Gray knew aboutSibyl's suicide because Lord Henry sent a letter explaining it to him.
Sibyl Vane has a brother called James Vane who had to go away to Australia and was worried because he couldn’t protect her andJames said to her that if Dorian hurts her, he will kill him.

One day Dorian Gray went to see the portrait and saw that the picture had changed the expression, now it was showing some wrinkle aroundthe mouth and it shows an expression of cruelty. Dorian scares on having seen that his desire making real and is afraid that someone discovers his secret. The portrait is a mirror of his soul....
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