Exalted combat system

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Combat System for Exalted: Second Edition

About the dice

Target Number: The Target number on each roll is defaults at a “7” unless otherwise noted.

Difficulty Rating: The Difficulty rating of such actions means that at least that many successes are required to perform that action.

|Difficulty Rating |Degree of Difficulty |
|1 |Standard|
|2 |Difficult |
|3 |Challenging |
|4 |Nearly Impossible |
|5 + |Legendary |

Failure: A Failure is bad in its own right but not devastating.

Botch: When a character botches an action, somethingcatastrophic happens to said character with regards to whatever action he/she was trying to perform. A botch happens when there are no successes in a dice pool and at least on of the dice show a number “1”.

On Combat

Join Battle: Anyone who wishes to battle makes a reflexive Wits + Awareness roll. The character with the most successes sets the Reaction Count, and goes on Tick 0. All othercharacters subtract their own successes from the Reaction Count, and go on that Tick. No character can go later than Tick 6.

Actions: On your tick you must choose an action. That framework is that each action has a Speed and a Defense Penalty. Speed is a tick counter - after your action, you must wait a number of ticks equal to the Speed of your action before you act again. The Defense Penalty, as itsname suggests, is a penalty applied to your defenses for taking the action. This penalty lasts until your next action.

|Name of |Speed |Defense Penalty and Special Descriptions |
|Action | | ||Activate Charm/Power/Combo |Varies |Varies (Depends on charm, etc) |
|Aim |3 |-1 (adds 1 die for each tick spent aiming, can abort after the first |
| | |tick)|
|Attack |Varies |-1 (Launches a single attack at an opponent) |
|Dash |3 |-2 (The Character sprints up to Dex + 6 – wound penalties – AC mobility |
| | |penalties yards per tick)|
|Flurry |Varies |Varies (Speed rating equals the highest speed rating of the attacks used,|
| | |the character gains a -1 Defense penalty for each attack made) |
|Guard |3 |0 (Can abort on any tick, does not refresh the DVpenalties etc) |
|Inactive |5 |Players cannot choose (Characters in this action are usually unconscious |
| | |etc) |
|Move |0 |None (Character can move up to her Dex rating inyards per tick – wound |
| | |penalties – AC mobility penalties yards) |
|Drawing Weapons, Rising from Prone, Jumping |0 |-1 |

Attack: Attack has a speed rating equal to the weapons speed rating or the method of attack being...
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