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For the dedicated surfers that search for a perfect break is an all consuming passion that is rarely fulfilled, but for many surfers, the search has ended in Costa Rica where great waves have convinced surfers throughout the world that this is as close to heaven as they can ever expect to get.
Actually, the powerful rise of the Caribbean coast waves as the ones on thePacific side can make surfers take a nap on them. Besides, Costa Rica has world class surf in both coasts. The best way to surf Costa Rica is by having your own car and “following the waves”. Two seasons define the Caribbean coast: from December until March, offshore storms kick up waves, while from June through late August Costa Rica enjoys the benefits of great surfing generated by hurricanes in thedistant islands of the Caribbean. In addition to the spots named above, surfers will find numerous other breaks just by exploring the Caribbean`s 213 kilometers of coastline or the 1022 kilometers on the Pacific side.

1. In the article, the expression “A perfect break” means:
a) Ways surfers break
b) A recess for surfers
c) Slow waves for surfers
d) Excellent waves forsurfing

2. Finding the ideal place to surf is usually _________ for passionate international surfers.
a) Easy
b) Difficult
c) Expensive
d) Impossible

3. Costa Rican beaches have become ______ places for people who want to surf.
a) Awful
b) The best
c) The worst
d) Uncomfortable

4. In Costa Rica, _________ good for surfing.
a) Both national coastsare
b) Just the southern coasts are
c) The Caribbean coast is exclusively
d) Those internal zones away from the coastline are

5. To take advantage of most of the places to surf, tourists should _______.
a) Rent a cab
b) Travel by bus
c) Walk along the beaches
d) Get their own transportation

6. People have _______ km to practice surf in Costa Rica`s Atlanticcoast.
a) About two hundred
b) Less than one hundred
c) More than one thousand
d) One thousand twenty-two

The world-renowned prima Donna, Adelina Patti, appeared with a traveling opera company in Guatemala, but could not perform in Costa Rica because there was no appropriate theater. In response, newly rich coffee merchants financed the construction of atheater with a tax on every bag of coffee exported from the country. Belgian architects were called in to design and supervise the building, and the metal structure was ordered from Belgian mills. Painters and decorators were brought from Italy, along with that country`s famous marble. The National Theatre was inaugurated in 1894 with Gounod`s Faust and an opening-night cast that included singers fromthe Paris Opera. Extensive restoration work has recently renewed its beautiful ceiling paintings and sumptuous décor.
Costa Rica`s national Youth Symphony Orchestra was inaugurated in 1972 by ex-President Figueres famous quote: “We need to concern ourselves not only with the standard of living but the quality of life as well. Why have tractors without violins?” Many of the young musicianstrained in the Youth Symphony have graduated to participate in the National Symphony, which performed in the National Theater.
Internationally famous guest directors and soloists were often featured.
7. The National Theater was built because _______________.
a) Architects from Belgium donated it
b) President Figueres said it was important
c) A famous singer had nowhere to performd) Costa Ricans wanted to see a Paris Opera

8. According to the writer, _____________ could perform at the National Theater.
a) Everyone
b) Only well known artists
c) Newly rich coffee growers
d) Just painters and decorators

9. Architects from ___________ supervised the building of the National Theater.
a) Italy
b) France
c) Belgium
d) Costa Rica...
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