Examen de gramatica ingles

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Grammar Exam 3rd grade
Add the correct end punctuation to the following sentences. Write “S” if the sentence is a statement and“Q” if the sentence is a Question.
1. He spent some money in a movie _______
2. Does Sheila have any money left _______
3. Will the twins get money for their birthday _______
4.They spend it on a new video game _______
5. Did Michael buy a dog _______
Add the correct end punctuation to the following sentences. Write “C” if the sentence is a command and “E” if thesentence is an Exclamation.
6. Pay for your lunch _______
7. What a big hamburger that is _______
8. Go to the bank after work _______
9. How nice the books are _______
10.This is a great way to earn money _______
Mark the letter of the sentence that is written correctly.
11. a) Jeremy gave his sister a dollar.
b) She needed lunch money
c) May I borrow a quarter.d) will you pay me back?
12. a) Tony is buying a house
b) Is she saving her money?
c) her aunt gave her a present.
d) Does she have a saving account.
13. a) Maya helped mom buy food.
b) howmany pears did they buy?
c) did they need apples.
d) she choose some berries
14. a) This store sells bread
b) it smells so good.
c) Mr. Lin is a good baker
d) Let’s get rolls for dinner.
15.a) Is that a pet store?
b) Do you see that fish
c) can we buy one?
d) Do you have a fish tank.

Mark the letter of the answer that best completes the kind of sentence in the blank.
16. _________a beautiful bird cage this is!
a) What
b) what
c) What.
d) What!
17. _________ us a bird for the cage.
a) Show!
b) show!
c) Show
d) show
18. _________write a check to the store.
a) Please!
c) please
d) please!
19. You’re asking such a low ________
a) Price
b) price?
c) price!
d) Price.
20. This bird can speak ten ___________
a) words.
b) words?
c) words!
d) Words
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