Examen de inglés primaria

5TH. Grade

Read carefully each one of the instructions and answer what you asked. Good Luck!

In the following sentences, fill in the gaps with one of the followingdeterminers: something/anything - somebody/anybody - somewhere/anywhere

1) She said____________________ but I didn't understand anything. (something)
2) Has __________________ found my blue pencil? No, I'msorry. (anybody)
3) Would _________________help me, please? Yes, I can help you. (somebody)
4) Have you got__________________ to eat? No, I haven't. (anything)
5) Tom, can you give me_______________ to drink, please? (something)
6) Is there _________________ in the house? No, it's deserted.(anybody)
7) Do you know _____________________ about London transport? No, I don't.(anything)
8)What's wrong? "There's ____________________ in my eye." (something)
9) Would you like ___________________ to drink? Yes, please. (something)
10) _____________________ has broken the window. I don't knowwho. (somebody)
11) He didn't say__________________ (anything)
12) I'm looking for my keys. Has _______________ seen them? No, I'm sorry.(anybody)
13) Teach me __________________ exciting.(something)
14) I didn't eat ___________________ because I wasn't hungry. (anything)
15) Dad, can we go _________________ on Sunday? Yes, what about going to the zoo? (somewhere)
Write positivesentences in going to future.
1. I / work
2. you / dance
3. it / rain
4. they / ask
5. he / stays
6. we / speak
7. I / give
8. she / try9. they / help
10.-he / push

Write the last sentences in negative form.











Read the text and answer thequestions.

Two sisters and the cat

Mrs Wilson and Mrs Smith are sisters. Mrs Wilson lives in a house in Duncan and Mrs Smith lives in a condominium in Victoria. One day Mrs Wilson visited her sister....
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