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5TH. Grade

Read carefully each one of the instructions and answer what you asked. Good Luck!

In the following sentences, fill in the gaps with one of the following determiners: something/anything - somebody/anybody - somewhere/anywhere

1) She said____________________ but I didn't understand anything. (something)
2) Has __________________ found my blue pencil? No, I'msorry. (anybody)
3) Would _________________help me, please? Yes, I can help you. (somebody)
4) Have you got__________________ to eat? No, I haven't. (anything)
5) Tom, can you give me _______________ to drink, please? (something)
6) Is there _________________ in the house? No, it's deserted.(anybody)
7) Do you know _____________________ about London transport? No, I don't.(anything)
8)What's wrong? "There's ____________________ in my eye." (something)
9) Would you like ___________________ to drink? Yes, please. (something)
10) _____________________ has broken the window. I don't know who. (somebody)
11) He didn't say__________________ (anything)
12) I'm looking for my keys. Has _______________ seen them? No, I'm sorry.(anybody)
13) Teach me __________________ exciting.(something)
14) I didn't eat ___________________ because I wasn't hungry. (anything)
15) Dad, can we go _________________ on Sunday? Yes, what about going to the zoo? (somewhere)
Write positive sentences in going to future.
1. I / work
2. you / dance
3. it / rain
4. they / ask
5. he / stays
6. we / speak
7. I / give
8. she / try9. they / help
10.-he / push

Write the last sentences in negative form.











Read the text and answer the questions.

Two sisters and the cat

Mrs Wilson and Mrs Smith are sisters. Mrs Wilson lives in a house in Duncan and Mrs Smith lives in a condominium in Victoria. One day Mrs Wilson visited her sister.When her sister answered the door Mrs Wilson saw tears in her eyes. "What's the matter?" she asked. Mrs Smith said "My cat Sammy died last night and I have no place to bury him".

She began to cry again. Mrs Wilson was very sad because she knew her sister loved the cat very much. Suddenly Mrs. Wilson said "I can bury your cat in my garden in Duncan and you can come and visit him sometimes. Mrs.Smith stopped crying and the two sisters had tea together and a nice visit.

It was now five o'clock and Mrs Wilson said it was time for her to go home. She put on her hat, coat and gloves and Mrs Smith put the dead Sammy into a shopping bag. Mrs Wilson took the shopping bag and walked to the bus stop. She waited a long time for the bus so she bought a newspaper. When the bus arrived she got onthe bus, sat down and put the shopping bag on the floor beside her feet. She then began to read the newspaper. When the bus arrived at her bus stop she got off the bus and walked for about two minutes. Suddenly she remembered she left the shopping bag on the bus.

1. Where does Mrs Smith live?
a) in a condominium in Duncan
b) in a condominium in Victoria
c) in a house in Duncan
d) in adepartment in Victoria

2. Why is Mrs Smith upset?
a) because her sister came to see her cat
b) because her cat died
c) because Mrs Wislon was sad
d) because her sister died

3. What did Mrs Wilson do?
a) take the cat with her on the bus
b) put her gloves in the shopping bag
c) prepare dinner for her sister
d) take her gloves for her sister

4. Who did Sammy the cat live with?
a) MrsWilson
b) Mrs Smith
c) Mrs Wilson and Mrs Smith

5. What time did Mrs Wilson go home?
a) when the bus arrived
b) at 5 p.m.
c) after she walked for two minutes
d) at 5 a.m

6. How did Mrs Wilson go home?
a) walked for two minutes before she caught the bus
b) read a newspaper on the bus
c) took a bus
d) run at house

7. What did Mrs Wilson forget?
a) the newspaper
b) her handbag
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