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I. Look at the photo; they are the Smith family, complete with the correct word (.20)

daughter * mother * son *father * wife * husband

1. Johnny is Martha’s __________________________

2. Wendy is Stan´s _______________________________

3. Stan is Martha’s ____________________________4. Martha is Wendy´s ____________________________
Stan, Wendy, Johnny, Martha
II. Complete the sentences, Choose the correct answer. (.20)

5. John is Marie’s son. Marieis _________ mother

a) his c ) my

b) her

6. The furniture is in my ____________ house.

a) grandmother’s c) her

b) grandmother

III. Look at each picture. Choose thecorrect adjective. (.20)

7. The children are handsome / pretty.
8. She is short / old.

IV. Look at the picture and circle the correct adjective. (.20)

a)stressing c) busy

9. The beach is so _____________. b) relaxing d) cold

10. The roosters are ____________ in the morning.

a) noisy c) funny

b) quiet d) warm

V.Circle the correct preposition. (.20)

11. Conversation A

A: Where is the museum?

B: The museum is between / on Grand Street. It’s next to the newsstand.

12. Conversation B

A:Excuse me. Where is the train station?

B: The train station? It’s across / behind the street from the newsstand.

A: Great, thanks.

VI. Look at the picture and write the correct letter inthe (.20)

( ) 13. The telephone is ____ to the stairs.

a) between b) in back of c) next to

( ) 14. The rug is ____ the stairs.

a) in b) on c) in front of

( ) 15.The plant is ____ the stairs.

a) behind b) under c) over

( ) 16. The telephone is ____ the table.

a) in b) on c) next to

VII. Read each conversation. Then complete each...
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