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____ Grade:_________

I. PARTS OF THE HOUSE. Match the roomswith the activities you can do each room.

Bedroom - take a shower
Living room - ear meals
Bathroom- watch TV
Kitchen - cook meals
Dining room - sleep
Garden- plants flowers

II. Complete them with the words from the box.

Stove is on bathtub lamps pillows mirror chairsbetween refrigerator some window
1. There is a____________________ and there _______ a ________________ in the kitchen.
2. There are two___________ . There is a_____________ and there are tow ____________.
3. There´s a ___________ on the wall, ________________ the toilet and the ____________.
4. There are eight ___________. There are ___________ fruitsand flowers _______ the table.

III. Answer the question using the following responses: (Yes, there is/ No, there isn´t) (Yes, there are/ No, there aren´t) (Yes, I do / No I don´t) (Yes, I have/No I have not) (I have/ I have not)
1.- Is there a school near here?_________________ 2.- Do you have a computer?____________________
3.-How many books do you have _________________ 4.- Arethere posters in the classroom?________________
5.- Where is your house? (Use the prepositions)________________________________________________________

IV. “PAST” TENSE. Write 3 sentences using...
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