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Andrés Rodríguez García
English exam guide
1. The use of TOO and EITHER make 5 examples
A: I’m allergic to cats, I am too. I don’t watch much television, I don’t either. I can drive for hours, I can too. I watch a lot of movies, I do too. I can’t afford to buy a new car, I can’t either.
2. Say 3 favorites’ activities that you like to do in your weekendactivities
A: sleep late, watch movies, do some exercise
3. Say 3 favorites TV show that you like to see
A: Los Simpsons, Dr House, Top Gear
4. Say 3 favorites foods that you like to eat
A: Spaghetti, Pizza, Hamburgers
5. Say 3 favorites clothes that you like to use
A: T-shorts, jeans, running shoes
6. Complete the sentences with your likes and dislikes
A: I can’tstand….. Game shows
I often….. Go to the movies
I don’t like….. Purple too much
I’m not a…. football soccer fan
I hate…. Seafood
7. Topics that are good for starting a conversation
A: I like to ask about: the weather, where you live, and things that you see around me.
8. Which of these do you think are good suggestions for social conversation and indicates which?
A: don’t look atthe other person.
Keep quiet when the other person is talking.
Ask questions that start with: what, where, how, or when.
Talk about yourself a lot.
9. Answer the questions whit too or either
A: I watch a lot of TV. I do too
I like Mexican food. I do too
I can’t pay attention in class. I can’t either
I don’t sleep till 2 pm. I don’t either
I go to the movies every Sunday. I dotoo
10. Describes the punctuation marks in a paper o magazine article
A: when a write a magazine article a usually use a capital letter to start a sentence and a comma before a quotation and always use a period at the end of a statement.

1. Complete this sentences with verbs
A: I can... watch… TV
I like… listen… to music
I enjoy… eat … in the garden
I love… sing … in theshower
I can… play … in my pool
2. Complete this sentences with verbs and add ING
A: I love… swimming… in the ocean
I hate…working out… in the cold
I enjoy… reading… in a sunny day
I prefer… watching… TV with my family
3. Complete the questions with object pronouns everybody or nobody
A: I listen to rock a lot. Do you listen to it, too?
Yes everybody in my family listenthe rock
The president Felipe Calderon he was on TV last week. Do you know it?
Of course I do everybody knows the president
I don’t really like seafood. Do you ever eat it?
No in my family nobody likes seafood
My favorite band is Panda. Do you like it?
Yeah they’re the best nobody plays rock like they do
4. When you use the word really?
A: to make statements stronger and to makenegative statements softer
5. Say 5 examples using really and not really
A: Are you interested in the comedy shows? No not really
Are you into computers? I really enjoy working with computers
Are you good doing sports? No really I’m not that good
Can you do anything with my cell phone, like fix it? No not really I’m not an electrician
Would you like to learn a new language, like Spanish? Yes Ireally want to
6. How else is it used not really?
A: also can be used to be polite when your answer is no.
7. Make 5 questions and answers where the answer is politely
A: Do you like making puzzles? No I’m not really good with puzzles
Are you interested in playing football soccer? Not really but I like to watch games on TV
Do you collect coins? No I don’t but my father collects someof them
Do you have hobbies? No not really I don’t have free time
Are you good at fixing TVs? Not really I’m not a very mechanical
8. How else is it used really?
A: it is use to make statements stronger and to make negative statement softer
9. Say 3 things you enjoy doing in your spare time
A: watch a lot of movies, read some books, practice my English
10. What kind of music do...