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1. Comprehension:

1. Sexomnia is a sexual behavior that takes place being slept.

2. The sexomnia affects exclusively the men.

3. It compares inthe sense that a person always needs to sleep and to be something vital but to drink not.

4. It’s false since the persons who affect these diseases aren’tdeclared guilty since they aren’t conscious.

5. It’s true because the mental problems could have be produced by childhood traumas

2. Use of English:

6. Give asynonym for “shocked” horrified

7. A very disturbing dream. Nightmare

8. Give a opposite for “guilty”. Innocent

9. Gentle/considerate/tender/kind

10.He said he couldn’t remember what had happen ed the night before. He said: I can’t remember what happened tonight

11. Despite her parents’ opposition, she leftcollege. Although she left the college his parents objected.

12. The show lasted three hours. How long did the show last?

13. I haven’t visited my cousinsfor a long time

3. Production:

Which is the scariest situation you have experienced?

I experienced this once it was not a traumatic experience but I scaredenough.

One day when I was in my room listening to music,I felt a noise in the side room. It had to be a great noise since I had headphones.

When I come inthat room, I saw a lamp was broken and it was in the floor. It was not also rare because there had nobody in my house in this moment and either nobody could comein a animal for the window as it was closed.

I felt a lot of fear because I didn't find an explanation for it but thankfully it didn't happen never again