Examen diagnostico de ingles 3o secundaria

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I.-Fill in the blank with the correct superlative or comparative form from the box.

1. English wine is good butFrench wine is ______ .
2. English cooking is bad but Scottish cooking is ______ .
3. It's a long way from London to Moscow but London to Sydney is even ______ .
4. I've got two daughters.Sophie is the younger one and Kathryn is the ______ one.
5. I'm so happy. I must be the ______ person in the world!
6. They're both nice but Susan is the ______ of the two.

II.- Cambia lassiguientes oraciones al pasado.

1.- They work for a big company.

2.- I want to stay home.

3.- I know what to do.

4.-You are a good friend.

III.- Escribe en el espacio en blanco, elpasado de los verbos que están en el paréntesis.
a) I ______________ with Helen last night (talk)
b) She _________________a dream last night. (have)
c) I _______________my homework last night (do)d) Susan ________________sick yesterday. (feel)
e) We ___________________a car accident (have)
f) I _____________________ pizza when I was young. (like)
g) Robert ________________ ice creamyesterday. (eat)

IV.Coloca en el paréntesis la letra de la profesión que corresponda a la descripción.
|I deliver mail ( ) |Firefighter|
|I pull out theet ( ) |Babysitter |
|I cut meat ( )|Architect |
|I fix cars ( ) |Doctor|
|I design buildings ( ) |Teacher |
|I treat patients ( )...
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