Examen diagnostico para primero de secundaria ingles

NAME: ___________________________________ GRADE: ________ GROUP: ______

1.- Complete the sentence of eachpicture:

1. I can_______________________
2. He ______________ play tennis
3. She can’t ___________________
4. He_________________________

2. - Study the graph and complete each sentencewith the correct word or phrase from the box

|A lot |all |some |none |A few |most|

|Number of students who can: |
|Play baseball| | | | | |
|Do the pole vault || | | | |

1. _____________ of the students play baseball
2. _____________ of the student dohomework
3. _____________ of them can Draw a picture
4. _____________ of them can do the high jump
5. _____________ of them can do the pole vault

3. Complete the text with words from thebox

|Play |object |Can |games |word |Object |

There are many differenttypes of ____________. There are card games such as whist, happy families, and bridge. Then, there are famous _____________ games like Scrabble and Boggle.

There are also many popular board gameslike chess, Parcheesi, backgammon and Monopoly. For most ___________ games you need dice, special pieces or counters, cards and a special board to ____________ on. In many board games, the object is to...
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