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Esta es la sección de Comprensión Oral. Esta sección comprende dos partes. En cada parte, vas a escuchar un texto y contestarás las preguntas correspondientes. Escucharás cada texto dos veces. Puedes contestar las preguntas mientras escuchas, o durante el tiempo de contestar al final de cada texto. Tendrás tiempo para leer rápidamente las preguntas antes de escuchar cadatexto.

This is the Listening Section of the English Examination. This section is divided into two parts. For each part you will hear one text and you will answer the corresponding questions. You will hear each text twice. You may answer the questions while you are listening or in the time allowed after each text. You will be given time to read the questions quickly before you hear thetext.

The listening test starts now.

|Part One |
|You will hear a short talk about the Tower of London – one of Great Britain’s most famous tourist sites – and the guards or yeoman, who work |
|there. Read the following statements. If you think thestatement is correct, mark A: True on your answer sheet. If you think it is incorrect,|
|mark B: False. |
|[pic] |
|1. |The Tower of London has always been a prison. |
| |A: |True |B: |False ||
| |
|2. |The yeoman have two different uniforms. |
| |A: |True |B: |False| |
| |
|3. |The guards open the Tower to the public at a quarter to nine. |
| |A:|True |B: |False | |
| |
|4. |People ask for directions more often than they ask about history.|
| |A: |True |B: |False | |
| |
|5. |The yeoman speaking finds the Tower a frightening place atnight. |
| |A: |True |B: |False | |
| |
| |...
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