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Advanced Placement Test.
Name_________________________ Surname___________________________ Date___________
Choose the correct option or the option that best explains the underlined words.
I wonder ________________________. I haven’t seen her in a while.
a) where does Sue is?
b) where Sue is
c) Sue is
d) where is Sue
I _______________ to the party yesterday. I had something to do.
a) amcoming
b) can’t came
c) couldn’t come
d) couldn’t came
‐We rented two old movies. What are you in a mood to see first? The tearjerker or the horror
a) To be moved by the horror movies
b) To feel like doing something
c) To move something to somewhere
d) Don’t want to do anything
‐Hello!, What’s up? I haven’t seen you in a while!
a) What is up stairs?
b) What is it up there?
c) Howare you?
d) What do you want?
‐Could you pass the popcorns please?
Here you go. Who has the remote control?
a) The popcorns are here
b) You are going here
c) Go for the remote control
d) I am going for the popcorns
‐Can we talk about this later? because I really have to go and I’m really involved in this
a) I’m enrolled with the conversation
b) I hate the conversation
c)I want to evolve
d) I’m really interested in the conversation
____________ large natural lakes are found in the state of South Carolina.
a) There are no
b) Not the
c) It is not
d) No
Martha Graham, _________ of the pioneers of modern dance, didn’t begin dancing until she was
a) who, as one
b) she was
c) one
d) was one
Tiger mots ____________ wings marked with stripes or spots.a) have
b) with
c) their
d) whose
Platinum is harder than copper and is almost as pliable _______________.
a) gold
b) than gold
c) as gold
d) gold is
Many communities are dependent on ground water _____________ from wells for their water
a) that obtained
b) obtained
c) is obtained
d) obtain it
Before de invention of the printing press, books _______________________________a) that were very rare
b) were very rarely
c) were very rare
d) as very rare
________ almost impossible to capture the beauty of the aurora borealis in photographs.
a) Being
b) It is
c) There is
d) Is
_______________ who was elected the first woman mayor of Chicago in 1979.
a) It was Jane Byrne
b) Jane Byrne
c) That Jane Byrne
d) When Jane Byrne
Compressed air _________ the power todrive pneumatic tools.
a) by providing
b) provides
c) that provides
d) the provision of
In some cases, ____________ to decide if an organism is a plant or an animal.
a) difficult if
b) it is difficult
c) the difficulty
d) is difficult
The Loop, which is the commercial heart of Chicago, _____________ within a rectangular loop of
elevated train tracks.
a) that is enclosed
b) enclosing itc) is enclosed
d) it is enclosed
Cable cars are moved by cables _________ underground and are powered by a stationary engine.
a) they run
b) that they run
c) run
d) that run
the melting point is the temperature __________ a solid changes to a liquid.
a) which
b) at which
c) which at
d) at
In 1850, Yale University established Sheffield Scientific School, _________________________.
a)engineers were educated there
b) where engineers were educated
c) in which were engineers educated
d) where were engineers educated
A keystone species is a species of plants or animals ______ absence has a major effect on an
ecological system.
a) that its
b) its
c) whose
d) with its
Natural resources provide the raw materials____________ to produce finished goods.
a) needed
b) areneeded
c) which need
d) needing
‐ Let’s eat. I’m hungry.
‐ That makes two of us.
a) Neither do I
b) I can’t either
c) I feel the same way
d) There are two things to eat
He always spends a lot of time _______________. The kids never see him.
a) in the work
b) at work
c) with the work
d) working
I only have $27 in my wallet. That’s funny. Yesterday I had $100 I don’t know what happened....
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