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A. VOCABULARY ________ out of 35 points.
I. Match each health problem to the appropriate health specialist.

• You break your arm.
• You have a stiff neck
• You have terrible nightmares
• You have bad acne
• Your 5-year.old has a cold

a. Pediatrician
c. Orthopedic surgeon
d. Chiropractic
e. Dermatologist
f. Physician
g. Ophthalmologist

II. Write the 4 stages of the water cycle.

• STAGE 1:




III. Match the columns to make sentences.


A. VOCABULARY ________ out of 6 points.
I. Match the word with its definition.

• Bargain
• Charity
• Shutters
• Roof
• Doorway
• Brick

h. A foundation created to promote the public good.

i. Rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln

j. Anadvantageous purchase
k. he space that a door can close

l. A protective covering that covers or forms the top of a building

m. A hinged blind for a window

B. OPPOSITES ___________ out of 5 points.
I. Match the Opposites.

• Old-fashioned
• Formal
• Bright
• Fancy
• Baggy

a. Plain

b. Casualc. Tight

d. Trendy

e. Dull

C. MODALS___________ out of 8 points.
I. Match the modals to their uses.

• Can
• Have to
• Can’t / Mustn’t
• Don’t have to

f. Expresses obligation

g. Expresses prohibition

h. Gives permission

i. Expresses absence of necessity.

II. Complete thesentences using the appropriate modal.
1. In IESS, you _________eat inside the classroom.
2. In Mexico, you ________be 18 to vote.
3. During break time, you _________eat and drink whatever you want.
4. In English class, you _______speak Spanish.

D. MAKING ASSUMPTIONS____________ out of 15 points.
Look at the pictures and write 5 assumptions about it.


D. MAKING REQUESTS. _______out of 3 points.
I. Complete the requests with the correct modal.
1. _______ you lend me your eraser?
2. _______I use the phone to call my parents because I’m feeling sick?
3. _______ you repeat the example for me, please?

E. TOO / ENOUGH ________ out of 5 points.
I. Complete the scenes using too or enough.

1. I think that buying a house inEurope isn’t _________ easy, but it would be really cool and good ____ ____for me.
2. Having an airplane is ________ difficult because planes are __________ expensive.
3. I love chairs, the problem is that they aren’t comfortable _________ to sleep.

F. PHRASAL VERBS _____out of 5 points.
I. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verb.

1. I ___________ when I cross thestreet.
2. People say I _____________ my father.
3. My mom was ____________ for me yesterday during the break time.
4. When you don’t understand a word, you can ___________ at a dictionary.
5. I am ____________Easter vacations.

VI. Write 2 items you can find in each store.

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