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1. This is my father, short and stout
This is ____ mother, with children about her
This is my brother, tall you see
La palabra faltante es

A. My
B. HeC. She
D. You

2. My name is Jorge. I am very ______. I like study and play. In my school.
La palabra faltante es
A. House
B. School
C. Work
D. Happy3. Where is the cup?

A. The cup is on the window
B. The cup is on the door
C. The cup is on the floor
D. The cup is on the table

Responda laspreguntas de la 4 a la 6 según el siguiente texto

My brother and I look very different. I have blue eyes and he has green eyes. We both have Brown hair. I`m short and thin. He`s tall and fat. I am thirteenyears old and he is twenty-two years old. We`re very different.
4. En el texto se hace una comparación entre

A. Two animals
B. Two persons
C. Three tables
D. Four windows5. La edad del narrador del texto es

A. Thirteen years old
B. Two years old
C. Twenty-two years old
D. Twenty years old

6. Los colores mencionados en el texto son

A.Red, gray, pink
B. Blue, green, Brown
C. Red, blue, pink
D. Yellow, Brown, blue

7. Puedes encontrar el aviso en

A. In a supermarket
B. In a church
C. In a street
D. Ina library

8. The ___________ is green or red fruit. It grows in cold of temperature climates

La palabra faltante es

A. Banana
B. Coconut
C. Apple
D. Pineapple

Hello, how are you?
Lucia debe responderle a Juan

A. Fine, thank you
B. Not
C. In the house
D. In the supermarket

Responde las preguntas 10 a 12 de acuerdo al siguiente textoWhere is your brother?
He is not here.
Where did he go?
I don`t know.

Where is your sister?
She is not here
Where did she go?
I don`t know.

Where is grandfather?
Hi is over...
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