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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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English exam


I. Instructions: translates the text and answer the questions.

The tiger

The tiger is a mammal ofthe order of carnivores and belongs to the family of cats. The tail measuring 75-91 cm. They weigh about 290 kilograms, have between 1-6 cubs per litter and live anaverage of 20 years.

Pups tiger are blind weigh 1 to 3 kilograms and born with color Characteristically distinguishes. The eyes open at 14 days and are breastfed fora month and a half.

1. The tiger is a:
a) mammal b) bird c) oviparous

2. belongs to the family of:
a)insects b)cats c) herbivorous

3. weigh up to:
a) 500 KG b) 290 KG c) 400 KG4. tigers live to:
a) 50 years b) 40 years c) 20 years

5. As they weigh their calves at birth:
a) 1-3 KGb) 10-20 KG c) 8-9 KG

II. highlights the correct answer:

1. are personal pronouns:
a) are, am, is b) now, the,of c) he, she, it

2. Examples of verbs:
a) I, we, they b) the cat, the dog, the house c) make, swin, eat, drink

3. that prefix isused to identify an infinitive?
a) The b) to c) of

4. Examples of subjects in this sentence:
a) The hourse, the cat, thetiger b) to drink, to make, to swin c) we, are, they

5. is used has for:
a) I, we, they b) he, she, it c) to like, to do, to be
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