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FINAL EXAM-------------------------------------------------
Top of Form Name: | | School: | |
Group: | | Shift: | | Date: | |
Complete the sentence. Use a word from the box.1.- Carolina is not very . She needs to speak up and be clearer about what she needs from her team at work. fascinating | introverted | optimistic | assertive |

2 .- Gary is usually at parties, butlast night, he was very different. He talked to everyone and sang a song by himself! fascinating | introverted | optimistic | assertive |

3 .- Nathan is a very person. He can always findsomething good in any situation. fascinating | introverted | optimistic | assertive |

4 .- Gloria has worked in three different countries. She is a person who knows a lot about the world. fascinating |introverted | optimistic | assertive |

Read the text. Choose the best word or phrase to complete the sentence about the text. | In order to better understand child development, a group ofJapanese scientists has developed a robot that acts like a child. The Child-Robot, known as CB2, was created at Osaka University. CB2 was designed to act just like a real child between the ages of one andthree years old.

At a height of 1.3 meters and a weight of 33 kilos, CB2 is taller and heavier than a one- to three-year-old child, but it is very much like a child in other ways. For example, if atoy is held in front of its face, CB2 watches it carefully and tries to grab it. If someone touches CB2 on the shoulder, it turns to look at the person. It can also laugh, cry, and make other sounds.When CB2 stands, it moves from side to side, like a child learning how to stand and walk. In fact, CB2 can't stand for long without help. However, CB2 can crawl and roll on the floor. When on thefloor, it can kick its legs and move its arms in all directions.

The scientists plan to program CB2 to give it the ability to learn. They are interested in teaching CB2 how to walk and talk. They...
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