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Respond to the following scenario in a short essay (provide an ethical response, please!)

You are shipwrecked on an unknown island in the south Pacific and you discover an unknown indigenous tribe living there. Slavery is an accepted par of the culture. What to dyou do or say?

Analyse the following case using the 5 – step method for case analysisMary worked as a secretary in a department within a branch of a large corporation. The branch director had decided that the job of her department director, Jim, would soon be discontinued. Although Mary and a few others in her department had this knowledge, Jim did not. For a few weeks, Jim was directed to work on an array of special projects at his home office. In the meantime, an employee froma different department was told to move in to Jim’s office. The branch director instructed Mary and other support staff change Jim’s voice mail, move his files out of the office, and erase his name from his assigned parking spot. Mary was told that the human resources department would call Jim to let him know what had taken place. That week Jim called Mary because he could not get into his voicemail. He wanted to know if there were any technical problems. What should Mary do or way to Jim?

Aida Diaz
Silvia Castillo


You are shipwrecked on an unknown island in the south Pacific and you discover an unknown indigenous tribe living there. Slavery is an accepted par of the culture. What to do you do or say?

To answer this question,it is important that first and foremost we determine what approach are we going to use. So, we are going to analyse what do each approach say about this, and then, we are going to decide the best.

Consequentialist approach: In this case, a consequentialist person think before talk or do anything. They consider the consecuences and their results. They shouldn't just say that the consequences ofthe slavery are very bad for those who are slaves or take an army revolution by it's own. If I was going to say something to this people about their culture or costumes it won't be at the first moment that I met them, because I want them to change their opinion or if not, to gave them an idea but primarily I want them to respect my life and don't make me slave also. So I should win their simpathyif I can, first to try something or try to gain the slave's one if I want them to be revolutionary and get freedom by themselves but I wouldn't act by myself only because is dangerous and I am alone and only one. Also I am an extranger and there are costumes at the end. Population really don’t have opportunities to take their own decisions and this affect their life quality at my point of view.Consecuentalism by itself
considers that slavery can be better for those who are not slaves. In other words benefits for the majority of the people. So I would consider this.

Deontological approach: This approach says that the slavery is totally wrong. It doesn’t matter if the island is uncivilized or civilized. The slavery is unacceptable, in spite of culture. This approach says that youcan't private the freedom of people, because freedom is one of the principal right and characteristic of the human being. But, in this point, a consequentialist would argue that it is important consider that if you get in the culture saying that this is wrong, you might be killed or expelled from the island

Virtude Ethics: Slavery is wrong because freedom is an inherent human right no matterwhat.

Another relevant information: You should consider that the people of the Island don't think that they are bad, or they are doing something bad. It is about costumes and culture, that are different and according to the culture. Relativism has the idea of that you should try to understand the culture and let them be themselves. Being a foreign extranger I can't just tell them: you are...
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