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Twin Disc Electronic Control System

TDEC-400 shown with standard equipment. The TDEC-400 is the latest stateof-the-artfull authority microprocessor based electronic control system for Twin Disc automatic transmission systems used in heavy duty, off-highway applications.

Features at a Glance
• Built-in-test (BIT)diagnostics. Health and trend capability with fault isolation via user accessible fault and status codes for all operational modes. • Interactive command console and display. • SAE J1939, J1708 CAN Busand RS232 communication. • Enviromentally robust. • Non volatile memory with real time clock giving time/date stamp for diagnostics.

• Military vehicles • ADTs • Oil field rigs •Heavy-duty off-road vehicles • ARFF Vehicles

• More than a shift control, the TDEC-400 integrates the transmission, engine and other vehicle systems. • Faster shifts, rapid vehicleacceleration and precise control of vehicle speed. • Flexibility to tailor features and operation for optimum vehicle performance.

©2000, Twin Disc, Incorporated • Racine, Wisconsin 53403, U.S.A.

76 mm70 mm

TDEC-400 Specifications
Processor: Size: Supply voltage: Mounting operation: Operating temperature range: Communications: Optional: Siemens 16 BIT C167CR 20 MHz 11.5” w x 10.5” d x 2.4” h(293 mm x 267 mm x 61 mm) 12 VDC to 24 VDC nominal Unrestricted -40˚ to +85˚ C ambient SAE J1939 data link and RS-232 are standard SAE J1708 data link

Environmental Standard:
• Tested to TwinDisc’s stringent S-854 standard. • Highlights of this include: salt spray, EMC (radiated and conducted), temperature and humidity, immersion, pressure wash, vibration and mechanical shock. Consult Twin DiscApplication Engineering for more information.

TDEC-400 Display
• 32 x 100 pixel LCD supporting -2 lines of 8 characters alpha numeric text for diagnostic messages -1 line of 4 characters...
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