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“Business report”

Business Report for ITESO Admissions Office

➢ Introduction.

This report presents the information gathered from a survey of ITESO students. The objective of thesurvey was to increase enrolment numbers for August 2011. The survey aimed to gather information from students in their last semester of ITESO in the class Critical Reading and writing in English.➢ Methodology.

The survey was carried out in the class Critical Reading and writing in English on Thursday, March 17th 2011. Most of the students are studying International Business in their lastsemester. The average age of the students surveyed was 21 – 30 years old. Students were interviewed with relevant questions to know more about the students, this information will help to raise theenrolment of students in the next semester. The survey asked ease questions but at the same time important questions for the admission Office, these are the relevant questions asked: birthplace, if theyare satisfied with the school, how did they get to know about ITESO, and what form of communication they use frequently.

➢ Findings.



The pie chart onstudent’s age shows that more than half of the group has 21 – 23 years old with 58%, the 24-26 years old with 32%, and a few students have 27-30 years old.

Student´s degree.


Thepie chart on student’s degree shows that 95% of the students are studying International Business meanwhile the 5% are studying International Relation.

Where are the students from?[pic]

The pie chart on student’s birthplace shows that almost all the students are from Guadalajara with 74%, and the other 26% are foreign.

How did they get to know about ITESO?[pic]

The pie chart on how the students did get to know about ITESO shows that 44% knows about ITESO by friends, 28% from family, and 28% from information on internet.

What was your...
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