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Making a Difference in the World

I recently visited the nation of Haiti and saw with my own eyes the destruction and devastation of such a poor country, which has been repressed andoppressed throughout centuries of poor leadership and lack of basic necessities. I saw streets filled with unclothed children, mothers washing straps of worn clothes in the same contaminated waters where deadanimals laid, as well as, men drinking from the same water supply. The unpaved roads were lined with skeletons of cars stuck y clay. Food was scarce and personal hygiene was nonexistent. However,instead of feeling sad and overwhelmed, I felt that my mission in life was clear. I was going to make a difference in this world by using my personal experience in Haiti to generate ideas as how tochange the world in which we live. By changing my personal perspective of the world, I can help make changes in society and, therefore in our environment.

Personally, I change the world byliving a healthy live, by spending time with my children, and by treating others like I want to be treated. For example, at least three times a week, I walk on my treadmill about an hour. Next, Ihave a protein-rich breakfast to activate my metabolism. In fact, I often eat egg whites and sugarless oatmeal. Certainly, this nutritional and exercise habits, energize me, so I am energetic enough tospend quality time with my children. Indeed, in the evenings, I help my children to do their homework. Though, sometime I just seat next to them, unless they ask me questions on the homework.Likewise, I take my children to their swimming lessons on Saturdays. Moreover, I stay at the pool and praise and / or counsel them on their performance; even though, the coach does not like it! He iseasy-to-read: “Fathers, please, stay in the bleachers!” he says with a frown. All in all, I do not argue with the coach, because I realize that I have to treat others like I want to be treated....
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