Example of descriptive text

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Example of Descriptive text
Bandengan Beach

Bandengan Beach or Tirta Samudra Beach is the famous beach in jepara. the place is very beautiful andromantic. people around Jepara, Kudus, Demak knows this place.

This place is located 7 kilometers north of Jepara city center. The way to getthere is very easy. Just follow the traffic sign and you will find it. From the town square, follow the road to Bangsri then turn left when reached kuwasenvillage. You can take public transportation or by your own vehicle.

The white sandy beach which has pure water is good for swimming. The beach issave enough for swimming because the beach is shallow and the wave is not so big. This place is more beautiful at dusk. We can see the beautiful sunsetwith our family or friends.

In this location, we can sit and relax on the shelter while enjoy the natural beach breezy wind. It also has largepandan tree field. It is suitable for youngster activities such as camping.

If we want to sail, we can rent the traditional boat owned by localpeople. We can make voyage around the beach or we can go to pulau panjang (panjang island). Some time we can find banana boat and jet ski for rent.

Inthis place we can find many traditional footstalls. We can order traditional foods sold by the trader such as roasted fish, crab, boiled shell. Pindangsrani is one of the delicious food enjoyed by the visitors.

come to the bandengan beach and you will find a paradise on the tips of Muria peninsula.
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