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385C L
Hydraulic Excavator


Engine Engine Model Net Flywheel Power Weights Operating Weight – Long Undercarriage

Caterpillar C18 ATAAC 382 kW 513 hp 84 980 kg 187,360 lb


Drive Maximum Travel Speed Maximum Drawbar Pull – Long Undercarriage

4.4 kph 592 kN

2.8 mph 133,090 lb

• General Purpose Boom, R4.4 (14'5") stick, 1678 mm (66") Bucket, and 900 mm (36") shoes. 385C L Hydraulic Excavator
High performance and rugged durability combine to maximize your productivity.



Operator Station ✔ An all-new cab provides improved visibility and comfort. The new monitor is a full-color graphical display with enhanced functionality to provide simple, comprehensive machine interface. pg. 6

✔ The Cat C18 engine has state-of-the-art ✔Proportional Priority Pressure ACERT ® technology to meet U.S. EPA Compensated (PPPC) system with Tier 3 emission regulations, with state-of-the-art electronic control exceptional performance capabilities ensures hydraulic system efficiency and proven reliability. pg. 4 and excellent productivity. pg. 5

Front Linkage Caterpillar excavator booms and sticks are built for performance and long servicelife. Two types of booms and six lengths of sticks are available, offering a range of configurations suitable for a wide variety of applications. All booms and sticks are stress relieved. pg. 11

Buckets A wide variety of bucket types, aggressive bucket designs and larger capacity bucket options take advantage of the powerful digging forces and stable base this is offered with the 385C L. pg. 12High level of sustained production, higher deep trenching and pipe-laying performance, improved reliability and durability increase your productivity and lower your operating costs.


Electronic Control System Engine and machine Electronic Control Modules maximize fuel efficiency and performance by maintaining the optimum balance between engine speed and hydraulic demand. pg. 8Undercarriage Cat designed excavator undercarriage is stable, durable and low maintenance. The undercarriage is a long, variable gauge type for good machine stability and transportability. New greaselubricated track provides longer life and quieter operation. pg. 9

Structures Caterpillar design and manufacturing techniques assure outstanding durability and service life from these importantcomponents. The 385C L upper frame main channels are box section, connected by a large diameter tube in the boom foot area for strength and rigidity. pg. 10

Service and Maintenance Fast, easy service has been designed in with extended service intervals, advanced filtration, convenient filter access and user-friendly electronic diagnostics for increased productivity and reduced maintenance costs. pg.13

Complete Customer Support Your Cat dealer offers a wide range of services that can be set up under a customer support agreement when you purchase your equipment. The dealer will help you choose a plan that can cover everything from machine configuration to eventual replacement. pg. 14

✔ New Feature 3

A combination of innovations working at the point of combustion, ACERTtechnology optimizes engine performance while meeting EPA Tier 3 emission regulations.
Fuel System. C18 engine uses a mechanically actuated electrically controlled unit injection (MEUI) system. The MEUI system combines highpressure injection and electronic control in a single compact unit. The electronic unit injector is an integral part of the C18 fuel system. Computerized electronic control providesprecise metering and timing of fuel injection. Diesel Engine. The Caterpillar C18, with ACERT technology, is a 18.1 liter, six-cylinder, 382 kW (513 hp) engine with mechanically actuated electronic fuel injection (MEUI) and overhead camshaft. ACERT technology provides outstanding engine performance through advanced electronic control, precision fuel delivery, and refined air management. Fuel...
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