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Complete the sentences

1.- I am ________________ a party tomorrow night.
2.- I _______________ be talking a test in anhour.
3.- My mom _____________ bake a cake an the weekend
4.- My friends and I ____________ celebrate the Independence day.
5.- We ___________ take a trip to Europe.

Write 5 sentences aboutyour plans for the weekend.

Arrange the words to make complete sentences

1.- to/chance/pass/is/the/only/there/one/test____________________________________________________________


2.- contestants/are/dollar/to/several/there/win/the/price/million/wanting




choose the correct answer
1.- the superlative of cold is:
O coolest
O colder
O most cold
O way cold
2.-The superlative of heavy
O heavyest
O heavest
O heaviest
O too heavy
3.- The comparative fun:
O funner
O funnier
O more fun
4.- Comparative joyful:
O joyfuler
O more joyful
5.- superlative of lazy:
O lazyest
O laziest
O most lazy
6.- comparative tall:
O too tall
O way taller
O taller
O more tall
7.- Superlative of high:
O way high
O highest
O mosthigh
8.- Superlative of colorful
O most colorful
O more colorful
O way colorful
O too colorful
9.- Comparative of loud:
O most loud
O so loud
O loudest
O louder
10.- Comparative of ugly:O so ugly
O too ugly
O way ugly
O uglier

Write the questions according to the answers given to you.

1.- He chose the blue ball
2.- Maria called her boyfriend
__________3.- They went to the party yesterday.
4.- We went to a concert on the 17th

Add a prefix to the following words

_____ polite
_____ dependent
_____ zip
_____ behave
_____ agree
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