Excessive drinking

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  • Publicado : 5 de marzo de 2011
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In England excessive drinking is something that occurs too frequentlyIn England episodic excessive drinking is called 'binge drinking' (1).  Most people who binge drink have the primary intention ofbecoming drunk in the shortest period of time (2).  A 'binge' is defined differently in different countries. In England binge drinking is defined as the consumption of twice the recommended dailylimit of alcohol, that is eight units for men (four pints of 5% beer) and six units for women (three pints of 5% beer).  In the United States binge drinking is defined as consuming 5 or more standarddrinks for men, or 4 standard drinks for women, in two hours.  Whatever the numerical definition used, heavy drinking or rapid consumption over a short period of time with the intention of becomingintoxicated is often implied when the term is used colloquially, since one can remain relatively sober if the four or five drinks are spread out widely over the course of a long evening.

Theculture of drinking in the UK is markedly different from that of some other European nations. In mainland Europe, especially southern Europe, alcohol tends to be consumed more slowly over the course of anevening, often accompanied by food. However, in some Scandinavian countries, occasional, heavy drinking sessions are the norm. In fact, in a study of European drinking habits among the young, theUK does not have the highest prevalence of binge drinking. Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and the Isle of Man all have higher reported levels of binge drinking (3). It is often assertedthat alcohol is more integrated into European culture, especially southern European, and that young people there learn to drink at younger ages within the context of the family, and that these moreliberal drinking age laws and attitudes in turn may foster more responsible styles of drinking by young people. A notable exception to the lower rates of binge drinking in southern Europe is the...
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