Executive assistant manager

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Executive Assistant Manager Job Description
By Sam Amico, eHow Contributor

Executive assistant managers must be organized and capable leaders.
An executive assistant manager is someonewho organizes employees for a company. Executive assistant managers work in an assortment of industries and are considered the second in command, next to the manager. They must have a thorough grasp oftheir company's policies and guidelines, and help the manager motivate employees and encourage them to work as a team.
o Executive assistant managers handle a multitude of duties that vary byindustry. Sometimes they interview and train other workers. Usually they ensure that employees are following the guidelines set out by the manager. If there are numerous assistant managers, theexecutive assistant might be in charge of them as well. In general, executive assistant managers act as liaison between upper management and everyday workers.
o Executive assistant managers mustpossess strong leadership and communication skills, because they have daily interaction with everyone from employees to management to customers and clients. They should be organized, motivated,analytical and creative, as well as comfortable directing others. In most industries, executive managers need at least basic accounting and computer skills, because their jobs can involve various forms ofbookkeeping and scheduling.
o Almost anyone who hopes to become an executive assistant manager needs at least a high school diploma, regardless of industry; often employers require anassociate's or bachelor's degree. They also should have a strong work ethic and positive attitude, and many have experience in lower-level positions in their industry. Some executive managers obtaincertificates or even master's degrees for the purpose of advancement.
o Opportunities for executive assistant managers fluctuate as greatly as the industries that employ them. For instance,...
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