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The Electricity Company

Changes and recommendations
for existing procedures.

Prepared for:
The Electricity Company

Prepared by:
Yunuén Varela

June 19, 2006

The Public Relations Department
June 19, 2006

Mr. John Stacks
Representative of the Executive Committee
The Electricity Company

Dear Mr. Stacks:
Here is the report you requested for assessment in the subjectcomplaint and systems error, related to the 24-hours delay in reconnecting the electricity supply.

This report provides the result of the investigation carried out, the main findings of the investigation, and the recommendations to existing procedures.

If you have any query, please do not hesitate to contact me in the PR department.

Kind Regards

Yunuén Varela
PR Manager
The ElectricityCompany
02679870 (EXT. 91)

Executive Summary
This first report provides the recommendations of changes to existing procedures used by the Electricity Company. These recommendations have been developed as the result of an investigation carried out as the response of a complaint received by the company.

In former weeks a complaint was received by the Electricity Company, acustomer complaint regarding the disconnection of his electricity supply. In order to provide the required attention to this issue, an investigation was carried out. The investigation has revealed that there is an error in the system which is causing delays in the postage of the invoices to the customers, and that this situation caused a 24-hour delay in reconnecting the electricity supply in diverseoccasions. This situation has caused many complaints from the customers, and this problem was repetitive.

This report has been required by the Executive Committee of the Electricity Company, and has been elaborated in response, by the internal PR department of the same company. All the data showed and used to write this paper have been provided by the company.
The main purpose ofthis report is to recommend changes to existing procedures used by the Electricity Company, which has been identified as problematic. This report explains the results obtained from the research carried out to understand the situation occurred in the company, also an analysis of the key findings will be showed, and finally the main recommendations proposed.

Previous facts
The ElectricityCompany is recognized as a reliable company, which provides the best attention to their customers. Last May, the General Manager received a complaint from an angry long-standing customer who argued that his electricity supply of his home was disconnected for an overdue invoice. The customer complaint and said that the invoice did not come on time for them to pay it.
A first letter was sent to thecustomer explaining to him a quick response. The response of the customer was so positive to the letter that the company sent him, that he decided no to take any further and forget the incident. However, the Electricity Company carried out and investigation which showed that the problem was due to an internal system error.

Central Section
Research was carried out in order to understand thesituation. This research revealed that there was a mistake in the system which delayed the general processes and caused a repetitive mistake which was really hard to find in normal conditions.
The research shows that there is an internal mistake. This mistake appears in the system every time those 5000 invoices are printed; at that point the system prints a mistake in the date number of the invoice5001. At the beginning this thought was an assumption, reason why a second research was carried out.
This research compared all the copies of the invoice of the former months. This comparison helped us to understand that only in very specific times, where the invoice is printed the 28 of the month; these invoices would be posted with delay, which was a very uncommon situation.
A mathematical...
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