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Ubuntu Example ContentUbuntu is a Linux-based operating system of Free and Open Source software. In addition to the core operating system, the Ubuntu software distribution also contains a wide rangeof user-oriented applications such as an office suite, image display and manipulation programs and multimedia tools for playing music and video. To illustrate these features and to help you exploreyour new system we have bundled a few documents and media files. Simply click on a file's icon or thumbnail to open it for viewing or editing in it's default application.
ProductivityThe productivitysuite OpenOffice.org 2 contains word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing and database applications and is installed on Ubuntu by default. To help you get started exploring the suite we haveincluded some files in the Open Document Format, used by OpenOffice.org (and several other office suites).
OpenOffice.org also has the ability to read and write documents in other formats such asthose used by MS Word and Excel.
GraphicsThe default Ubuntu installation includes the powerful image manipulation program Gimp. Click on gimp-ubuntu-splash.xcf to start Gimp with a small sample file.Open Dialogues ► Layers to see how the image is constructed from 16 separate layers.
MultimediaUbuntu 6.06 LTS includes the latest gstreamer infrastructure, providing smooth video and audio playback inapplications like Totem and Rhythmbox.
Music: The short ogg/Vorbis file Ubuntu Sax.ogg features a track[1] by Eddie Boyd, Johann Kotze and John Pringle from Cape Town, SA. The track is releasedunder a Creative Commons license[2].
Speech: The LibriVox project prepares recordings of books and poetry for public domain release, from short items such as the fable included here to a range offull-length books. Please visit the LibriVox website[3] to download other works.
Video: The former South African president Nelson Mandela explains the concept of 'ubuntu'.
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