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  • Publicado : 15 de enero de 2012
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I believe that when people, born as a body with a latent heart and a brain which will develop to be athoughtful machine,born with no sense of reality. I think that personality develops mainly in a nurturised way, as it is said, “people are who they are because of their surroundings”. A person is bornwith 23 chromosomes from their mother and 23 more from their father, which at the end of the day give a certain similarity between how the baby will grow to be like. But personality itself developsthrough experiences and mainly through a reasoning mentality.
A person's essence is not just the physical person itself, but his/herpersonality as well, the way of life they have and their character. It is that part of a person that someone else can "sense" right away or get as "first impression" when meeting him/her. I stronglybelieve that a person’s essence can not be acquired genetically; hence a person can not be born with a pure “essence”. The life a person has is to some extent what he/she wants to make of it.

There is ageneral belief that the essence of a person and the soul are the same thing, but this is not true,essence is the action of a person, encouraged by their soul which create a series of body actions andtheir repercussions which end up being the essence of the person.
Linking all of this, to the idea of intelligence for example, The rubber band theory  claims that the potential (hypotheticallength of the band) is decided by genetics. However the environment in which the person develops can cause to stretch this band, so that someone with a low IQ, could stretch his/her potential beyondsomeone with a high because of environmental differences. However if someone with a high and someone with a lower genetic potential had the same environment, that person with the higher genetic...
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