Existentialism and seinfeld

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Existentialism in Seinfeld
.nIntroductioTo understand how Existentialism came about it becomes necessary for us understand the philosophical paradigm that originated from the ideas of philosophers such as Descartes, Kant and Hegel in the modern world. With the desire to establish a basis for the “new science” of mathematical physics, Descartes declared that matter was essentially extension,relegating the quality of things as a mere subjective effect in the human mind. Hence splitting the human and the scientific worlds.Being the prophet of the new science nevertheless he retained the medieval conviction that human reason has its own luminous and direct access to the transcendent reality of God. So long as Descartes could prove to his own satisfaction that God exists, this omnipotentand benevolent God could heal the breach between man's physical and spiritual being.In addition, Immanuel Kant’s (1724-1804), writings showed that the transcendent ideals of our traditionally Christian civilization—God, the human soul and its possible immortality, the freedom of man as a spiritual person—could not be known by human reason. Therefore we can clearly see that “reason” during thisperiod of its history had become strictly “scientific reason”.Seeking to be scientific and exact reason had to exclude all reference to the ultimate things that man had lived by in his ethical and spiritual life.If Kant would have been a modern positivist he would have claimed that God and the human soul were completely meaningless concepts, however, because he lived by the traditional Christianityvalues he argued that, although science could never deal with these ultimate things, man in the seriousness of his ethical striving is called upon to live as it he had an immortal soul, and as if there were a God who providentially guided the destinies of the world. Hence, sharpening the split between the scientific and the human world introduced by Descartes.After Kant idealists felt the necessityof bringing together these two fundamental parts on the human personality seeking to restore the integrity of men. One of the most famous attempts to restore the lost human integrity came about with Hegel. He claimed that “if there are ethical and spiritual realities that concern us ultimately as human beings, then these must be accessible to reason” basically claiming to have found a completelyrational understanding for all humanity and history. This imperialism of reason eventually provoks the need for a “corrective” philosophy, what we now call Existentialism. SÖren Kierkegaard (1813-55) and Friedrich Nietzsche ( i 844- 1900) are said to be the fathers of this philosophical movement.
Existentialism refers to a set of ideas about human existence, beyond the terms used in ancientphilosophy and objective science. Ideas such as the conceptualization of the self concept within the paradigm of one's existence and its relation to a hypothesized "meaning/meaninglessness of life"in respect to the human condition of existence. The focus is placed on subjective human experience rather than evaluations of empirical factual sciences or mathematics, as these more concrete or provabletruths are not holistically representative of the human condition. Abstract concepts such as the soul, despair, angst, freedom of choice and so forth can not be calculated or evaluated through highly scientific paradigms as they would result in conclusions which do not accurately incorporate the full concept of humanness. Yet abstract conceptual explanations in themselves are not enough to fullyprovide accuracy when regarding the core precepts of existentialism. The existence of the individual human entity, who thinks, conceives, feels, and so on and the human entities choice in doing so. The existence of being and the humanifying decision paradigm.
The Sitcom Seinfield, its individual characters, can be evaluated in reflextion to the existentialism of The patriarchs of existentialist...
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