Exit through the gift shop

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“Exit through the gift shop” it’s a film that shows an eccentric French man who it’s obsessed to film everything he sees; he starts to be interested in graffiti art and in artists likeBanksy. Finally he starts a business with the art that he has learnt about those artists; that’s the reason of the title which refers to the sop that it’s located on the exit of all themuseums. Next to see that film I could say that graffiti can be considerate art, of course, but not in all the ways; it depends of the work and of the place.
Obviously there are twopoints of view of graffiti; some people consider it antisocial behavior, and others consider it an art and a way of expression. Nevertheless many works of street art artists, like Banksy,have been into famous museums, like Moma; obviously, because that works have been considerate art. Moreover, people who do street art consider it a social expression. However, graffiti isconsiderate an antisocial behavior in another way; sometimes it looks so dirty and it offends those who doesn’t want to see it in his own wall, compressible. In my opinion, everyone has torespect each other so, yes I love graffiti, but I’m not going to paint the wall of any other person, because I don’t know if he is going like it or hate it. Although, many people shouldadmit that sometimes it’s precious to see a work of art in the street, I mean, if I go by the street and I see a Banksy work I will be happy.
In any case, talking about art or about anantisocial behavior, the most important thing is the respect. In my opinion, some people should be shameful to have done dirty and ugly paints on the wall, but sometimes it should be goodconsiderate; art is everywhere but also dirty. If you want to paint graffiti on the wall, do it, just take care about the police; but please, if you have to do it, do something good.
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