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Apple: “Are you a MAC?”

You can not walk down the street without seeing someone typing something on his iPhone or listening to music on one ofthe different types of iPods Apple has to offer. Sitting in the metro and seeing the typical white earplugs, you know you are sitting in front of an Apple-person. Apple has it all. The design, thequality and the user-friendlyness. This all comes at a price, a price people are willing to pay, just to belong to the world of Apple. A world with endless possibilities.

Although the history ofApple begins around 1980, the succes of Apple exploded when in 1998 Steve Jobs took over the roll as CEO from Gilbert Amelio. Since then the company has earned a reputation for design, user-friendlynessand quality. The four elements for a succes strategy can easily be applied to the strategy of Apple.

The strategy of Apple is based on a simple objective: give the customer the total userexperience and in return receive strong sales. Apple's slogan sais “mediocrity is the enemy of excellence”. Appel's strives to produce the best products that are easy to use and by doing this it is focusing onattracting the best business partners. As a result they created some sort of elitist community, where everybody wants to be a part of. Being part of the group will cost you some independcy. Anexample is iTunes. The programme is compatible with Microsoft, but the songs you donwload can only be played on an iPod. This makes it harder for users to change their musicplayer and they will ratherchoose a new version of iPod, than to switch brand. Apple makes sure that their different gadgets and software are compatible with one another. Thus, Apple wants to control customers through a deviceperspective: if it can control which gadgets people use to get in contact with different platforms, like internet, tv and telephone, it can increase its control on what people do and how much they pay...
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