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Follow the elements of fiction patterns we are going to do a exhaustive analysis of the story “Little Cloud” by james Joyce on these aspects:

- Plot and Structure

- Character

-Point of View


The story of “Little Cloud” by James Joyce in his plot reflects an arrangement of events that make us think that Joyce Works with a conflict, the character ofLittle Chandler during the story is a constant struggle between the monotonous life style that lives in King’s Inn and with his wife and son and the new life style reflected in the person of IgnatiusGallaher an old friend from school that becomes in a recognized writer that lives a libertine life without any worry or obstacle.

This situation make Little Chandler think and in some point of thestory Little Chandler make a turning point where he explode and yells his son, this situation becomes on the climax of this story because in this scene there is a revelation for Little Chandler that weare going to analize next.


Now we are going to analize what characters express during “Little Cloud” by James Joyce. We have to bear in mind that all the characters are closelyrelated with the main character Little Chandler.

- Ignatius Gallaher: This character is the cause that make Little Chandler think about the life that he is living, there are some characteristics inthis character that make us think that he lives a life without the secure form in the way that he asks for the whisky, his cheerfull way to talk and see the life, the way in he expresses his feelingsfor french people, also the fact that he is single in spite of his age. These aspects are became in the trigger of the turn of point of view of Little Chandler.

- Little Chandler: Is the maincharacter of “Little Cloud” his life is surrounded by the work and his family a tipical life of a Irish worker of XX century, that is influenced by the freedom reflected in the life of Gallaher this...
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