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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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Campus Tlalpan

English 5

Clean Beaches Robots


Project: Mechatronics Engineering (Clean Beaches Robots)

Good morning today we are going to talk about a project that my partnerBruno made in the last semester, basically is a robot that clean beaches.
First of all, Bruno is going to tell you a brief introduction about his major.
Secondly, I´ll explain about the competitionand the robot.
After that, Bruno is going to narrate the competition.
And finally I’m going to tell you the conclusions.

I’m studying mechatronics engineering. I’m in the 7th semester of mycareer.
The main thing I learn in my career is to program, design, build and automate. Basically create machines to facilitate daily living.
The idea of this project it was made for the necessity ofcleaning our Mexican beaches. After holidays season beaches end really dirty and there are very few people in charge of cleaning them.

So, last year it was open a new category in a roboticcompetition, the name is inter UVMs, in this event participate all UVM campus in the republic, this event has many categories, but this category is related to the problem I just mentioned. The competition thisyear was in UVM campus Puebla, last February.

I’ll tell you a lit bit about the robot. This robot is programmed to detect cans of soda, cigarettes packets, chips bags, and all kind of pets’ trash.It is designed to find garbage in a fixed range of a place. It has a couple of blades with a ramp that allows it to collect the trash. It also has a store compartment which can hold up to 1 kg ofgarbage. When it is full, it takes the garbage to bigger deposits. The robot has a series of ultrasonic sensors that help it to avoid obstacles such as people, beach chairs, umbrellas, cars, etc, hastwo sensor colors to identify sand and water, four all terrene tires. All of materials of this robot are recycled from toys, pieces of material, etc.
It has a gear assembly that provides it with...
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