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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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Liceo Experimental Bilingüe José Figueres Ferrer
“Excelencia académica y disciplina”

English Department

Oral English

III Trimester

Role Models

Teacher: Eladio Quirós Gómez



Aspects to grade |
Presentation | 5pts | |
Hand in on time | 5pts | |
Following Instructions | 5pts | |
Language | 5pts | |
Content | 5pts | |
Creativity |5pts | |
Total | 30pts | |

Role Model # 1

Carmen Meneses Montero
She is my mom, she was born in November 6 of 1968, she is the oldest daughter of four sons, daughter of MarietaMontero and Jose Meneses, she studied in Pacayas high school. She had a tough life, because her youngest brother, Cesar was born with a mental disability called microsefalia and for that mygrandmother had to take him to the Carlos Luis Valle School for people like him and they spent most of the day there, with that my mom had to take the reins of the house and make lunch, the beds, also prepareher sister karla for school and other things, in that time my grandfather was having problems with alcoholism, so it was worst, once she told me she had clean all the vomit of my grandfather becausemy grandmother was pretty tired, as she grew up and become more mature, she got in colleague and got married.

Why is she a role model in my life?

She is such a role model for me because Iconsider that she is one of the most hard-working person I ever meat. She is the kind of person that is always smiling and being nice to everybody, that why she is the most soft-hearted, also she is oneof the most open-minded person I know because you need an advice or need to talk about whatever you can do it.

Role model # 2

Emma Gamboa Alvarado
She was born in october 17 of 1901 in SanRamon, she studied at Ohio`s university until she got her degree Ciences of Education, after that, she continued studying and on 1940 she got her master on Arts and in 1951 she got her phd on...
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