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  • Publicado : 1 de septiembre de 2010
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Within the government's plans for district and national cities, is the adaptation of transport systems, in this order of ideas, our research could intimate with the major problem that sometraders have with the implementation of Transcaribe mass transit system, implemented in Cartagena city, we focus on two of these businesses which are CARRILLO WOODS AND GARCËS WOODS, located at Pedrode Heredia Avenue in this city.

Our investigation was able to demonstrate and establish that during the construction and upgrading of the road known as Pedro de Heredia Avenune, corresponding tosection III of this mass transit system, businesses that were along this stretch and even those who are adjacent to it suffered all kinds of abuses and mistreatment, not only to their property andcustomers, but also the staff in general who work or worked at their companies.

For CARRRILLO WOODS AND GARCEZ WOODS, it was found that with regard to economics, its losses were very serious, not onlyby the decline in monthly sales, but by the progressive withdrawal of customers, who were upset or affected by having to pay more for transport of goods due to the blockage of access roads to thepremises and warehouses of their suppliers. They quited and even they have joined the competition. Besides utility costs such as energy and the inconvenience of the interruption of electrical power anddrinking water has increased, due to work. There were not information about construction time, Neither no one offered help with loading and unloading of goods as the paths of both stores were completelyblocked. With regard to social, it was found that consequences were less severe, there were massive layoffs at both companies, which had to resort to cutting staff because of poor sales and themassive withdrawal of customers, in this idea order we knew that families who depended on these people that lost their jobs were affected, many of these families only had this influx of money for their...
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