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After researching various PHR systems including the ones that were recommended by the instructor I decided to write this paper on one that I was the most familiar with. The PHR that I chose for thisassignment was The Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF), a large multispecialty group practice. They have been operating a PHR system, PAMFOnline (www.pamfonline.org) since 2002.
In describing theaesthetics, design and usability of this site, I would have to say that the site was extremely user friendly. The screens did not look busy and were easy to navigate and one could easily request anappointment, renew a prescription or get access to lab tests with a click of a button. Not all of the doctors associated with the Palo Alto Medical Foundation are on board with this new technology, sowhen choosing a doctor one can see who is affiliated or not. One of the features that I liked the most was access to test results. So for instance by checking on my labs I could determine if mycholesterol was dropping and if not tailor my diet. The website also featured a help tools bar where you could find your BMI or Pregnancy calculator.
PHR’s such as PAMF empower the patient as he goesfrom feeling just the mere passenger in the vehicle to the copilot of the vehicle. By the patient having continuous access to their providers it makes him feel connected to their providers. The systemalso has built in reminders for appointments/follow up. In addition to PAMF empowering the patient it also empowers the family of the patient. They have a service called “Proxy Access” which allowsadult children, spouses, conservators, legal guardians, spouses or caregivers to access the PAMFOnline. In order to have access to the patients record both the patient and proxy representative mustsign the authorization form.
The value of the PHR for the providers is the patient-clinician communication, shared decision making, collaborative care and continuity of care. One of the most crucial...