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  • Publicado : 29 de diciembre de 2009
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Name of the institution: Santa Maria Goretti
Localization: barrio P-5(Monteria-Cordoba)
Surroundings: near to the church of P-5 and behind a soccer field
The status of the students is around (0-1-2). They are not very poor children but they have some money disadvantages that donot allow them to buy books or educational materials. To refer to their general behavior, I can say that they are the kind of students that are not too much interested in studying but more in havingfun. They are kids of neighbors in which their vocabulary is very heavy so they are very impolite.
The classroom, I observed, had around forty students. They were too much and most of the time itwas difficult for the teacher to manage the discipline and to develop the activities she did.
The way the teacher taught was very simple. She teaches in the same way as old English teachers do but alittle bit better. To teach a topic, the teacher explained the vocabulary related to the topic and its grammar and then she gave students activities to put into practice the topic. She used the boarda lot and focused on student´s learning of vocabulary and pronunciation. Grammar was always practiced with exercises which students did in group and the teacher always clarified whatever doubt aboutthe exercises
The activities were almost always taken from the book “mardellus” and they did the activities in the notebook. The activities contained a lot of vocabulary exercises like matching andvocabulary in use.
The skills, that were more developed, were writing and speaking. There was more emphasis in writing. It was very difficult for students to speak; although they tried due to theywere quite enhanced to develop their speaking ability.
The material used was the book called “mardellus” and was the only one used in all the classes. The institution did not provide any material...
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