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  • Publicado : 12 de septiembre de 2012
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Friday is my third and last day of practicing moderation, a great virtue which has taught me a lot on how to limit myself from the things that canaffect me both physically and mentally. This day I’m going to be moderated with everything related with my alimentation and all the complements that canaffect my health. What I mean by this is that sometimes I feel like I’m not making the right choice on what I eat, and it’s not that I like junk food butsometimes that’s just the only choice I have, so this day I will try to be moderated with the kind of food I eat and I will see what results I get weatherhow good or bad I feel at the end of the day. In the morning I ate something good and healthy for breakfast, in the afternoon instead of going to any fastfood restaurant I ate homemade food, and for the dinner I just had a salad and a strawberry milk smoothie. After a whole day being moderated with myalimentation I made my conclusion of how making the right choice on what I should eat helped me ,and I got great results because I felt great and healthierthan the days I make bad choices with my alimentation. I think everyone should put this virtue on practice because it helps you a lot on how to keepyourself from extremes that can turn out to be harmful. From now on moderation will be in my mind every time I think about doing something because thisvirtue is going to remind me that everything has a limit in this life and that I have to respect that limit in order to keep myself away from problems