Experimento leche

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The idea we're trying to probrar is that
happens when our experiment "Reaction
Colorado "with some components disuelbe
Soluble are:

1 .- Milk

2 .- Soap (liquid)

3 .-coloring (vegetable)

Objective: To apply and see what happens to the milk by adding a limited amount of vegetable dyes and drops of liquid soap. Also important will happen when you mix thesoluble components.

What happens when you add to milk a limited amount of food coloring and then add drops of liquid soap? Separate the colors are mixed and sometimes they changecolor.

What is the problem? What will happen when you dissolve the soluble and do a reaction

1. By placing the vegetable dyes and milk soap will spread throughout thecontainer combine to form a single color.
2. At the time of placing food coloring in the milk from going down to the bottom of the container surface leaving only the soap.
3. By placing thevegetable dyes and milk soap will join the colors yellow, blue and red and form new colors green, purple and orange.

Testing the Hypothesis:
1. By placing the vegetable dyes and soapin milk was formed ...

Our Information:
It's called chemical reaction occurs that milk and liquid soap contract

We first look in encyclopedias, then consult some physicsjournals in our experiment to confirm that we got to the internet to know more about it.

1. Pour glass of milk in an aluminum container
2. Place a steady stream of yellowfood coloring
3. Place a steady stream of blue dye
4. Place a steady stream of red dye
5. Place a drop of liquid detergent in the heart of the matter formed
6. Place two drops ofliquid detergent on the sides of the material formed

• 1 container wide mouth aluminum
• 1 cup milk
• Liquid detergent (dishwasher)
• Food coloring (yellow, blue and red)
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