Exploring argentina

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The aim of this project is to maximize language, content, and real-life skill learning
to focus on real-world subject matter that can sustain the interest of students It requires student collaboration and, at the same time, some degree of students
autonomy and independence .
It is expected as a result authenticity of experience,language improvement and content knowledge, critical thinking and decision-making abilities and social skills improvement. The teacher will encourage independent work for the students to become responsible for their own learning process and increase their capacity of analysis..

The following description of the 12- week project is based on two 50-minute class periods
with the first 5 minutesdedicated to stating goals,brief assessments, and student questions.
. These guidelines will be flexible depending on the school calendar, computer availability, students’ individual needs, and daily instructional objectives.
The final outcome will be a brochure of A CITY to be distributed at school.

Resources: New Headway pre-intermediate
Open Doors pre-intermediate.Internet
Shining Star A and B´

Week 1: Introduction
1 The first week will be dedicated to setting goals, administering pre-test assessments to activate prior-knowledge, brainstorming final formats , introducing tools( library resources ,Internet resources and exploring)
2 T explains students they will carry out a project on differentcities that will be called EXPLORING ARGENTINA and that their final outcome will be a brochure of their favourite city located in Argentina.

3- T asks students about the city they live, the population, if it is modern or old.
Students write down two things that they like about their city and two things they don´t like. Then they tell the class.

4- T hands out a picture of Rosario.

[pic]The restaurants the people the night-life the buildings

T hands out an activity and students will have to ask questions about Rosario with verb to be.

- What ´s the weather like?
- Well Rosario is called “ the wet city”
-they are interesting. You meet people from all over the world.
-A lot of them are verytall.
- It is very good. You can find food from every country in the world.
- What____________________like
Oh , it is wonderful .There is lots to do in Rosario.

This activity is to recycle descriptive adjectives ,verb to be ,Simple Present ( I like , I don´t like)

Week 2
Students and teacher go to the lab
T hands out two pictures of two cities[pic] [pic]

Mendoza Mar del Plata

Students research in Internet the following questions about these two cities

How old is it?
How big is it?
How many people live there?
How hot / cold does it get?
How wet is it?
How far is it from the sea?

Week 3

Thands out again the two pictures of Mendoza and Mar del Plata and a picture of the city where students live

T explains how to make comparisons
Students compare the three cities using the comparative and superlative form.
T hands out an activity.

Handout text:
Complete the following using comparatives or superlatives

Pinamar is interesting but for me Mar del Plata is________interesting __Pinamar. It is because they are different. In Mar del Plata the buildings are (high) _____________ In Mar del Plata the buildings are ______( modern.)
The streets are ( wide)____________than in Pinamar.
The weather in Mendoza is ( col )________________ . The houses are ( beautiful)______________________.
In Mar del Plata people work ( long )_____________________hours....
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