Exposition of colombia

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  • Publicado : 12 de agosto de 2010
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Exposition of Colombia

Colombia is located in South America, its capital is Bogotá and its official language is Spanish, even so there are many ethnic groups that speak their own language.Colombia is an amazing country full of many beautiful things, because its diversity, diversity of people, of culture, of customs, of nature, landscapes, of everything, for example Colombia is divided bydepartments and each department has its own typical food, its own typical dance and music, its own slang and accent. Colombia is the second country in biodiversity all over the world and the richest onein hydrography.
Now you will see some of the most wonderful rivers of Colombia, the Amazon River and this region (Amazon) is called the lungs of the earth; the river of 5 colors, this name isbecause in the bottom of the river grow many kinds of plants and algae, so that’s why the colors; these are other rivers, this is the most important it’s called Río Magdalena.
Now I will show you somecities, the first one is Bogotá (the capital) it’s the most important and big city of the country, this is downtown Bogotá; Cartagena, this city is a very interesting city because in period of the Spanishcolony there was built a wall surrounding the city, and now this place is called the walled city, this is outside of the walled city, this is in side of the walled city; Medellín, is called the cityof the eternal spring because always is the perfect weather; Santa Marta, this city located in the Atlantic coast is a magic place because we can find from the extreme cold in the snowy range to thewarmer places at the sea level, as you can see in the photos, this is the national park Tairona. These are other photos of Colombia…this is the pink dolphin, unique in the world; they live in theAmazon River…
I know that many people of other countries have a wrong view of Colombia cause they think that is a bad country, with drugs that is dangerous, but it is not true is totally the opposite,...
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