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  • Publicado : 23 de marzo de 2011
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Target market Assignment:

Before to start a new design, and after making a trend research, it is important and crucial to know which are the preferences of the costumer. To know our target marketand determine to which generation she/he belongs, can guide us to the process of designing. After having an interview with Kari Doyle, we determined that she belongs to the generation “Y”.Generation “Y” or Millennials (1979-2000), have entered early adulthood: many have graduated from college and started families of their own. The latter half of the Millennials cohort is redefining the teenyears. Many of the millennials where raised by generous baby boomers parents, in smaller households with larger household income than previous generations. They are highly educated and have a gratefacility for technology. Miss. Doyle has a Bachelor Degree in Business; she studied at University of North Texas.
They seek out authenticity. Millennials are more comfortable living with diversity; Kariis a girl who enjoys doing different activities outside home. She is an independent woman. She is single and has no kids; therefore she is not in a relationship.
Teenage millennials have been drawnto American Eagle Urban Outfiters, and Abercrombie and fitch; as they enter young adulthood they have shifted loyalties to a new stores like Forever 21. Kari admits that she likes to shop in Forever21. Consumption-oriented, they spend more than previous generations at the early adulthood stage .Retail choice is a key issue in selling to Millennials. Kari doesn’t really spend a lot of moneyshopping. She likes to shop at stores like, Target, Forever 21, Express, Nordstrom, etc. Kari Doyle admits that she She considers that her style is classic, she does’t like to wear flashy clothes, but sheprefers to wear accessories that highlight her outfits.
In general, I think she is a googd example of Genaration “Y”. Her shopping habits are a little different, since she is not a person who...
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